Helping You Achieve Success is Our Top Priority

The Tanis Experience

Make Your Story Soar

What do website content, media pitches, employee newsletters and sponsored content have in common? They all start with a narrative, designed to compel your audience to think, act, understand or believe so you can move your business forward. That’s where Tanis comes in. We deeply understand your business strategy. And as exceptional storytellers, we have the creative chops to help you rise above the noise with storylines and thought leadership that will get you real business results.

Helping You Achieve Success is Our Top Priority

Experience Team Tanis

At Tanis, our senior team is hands-on – developing strategies, overseeing execution and personally producing work that has won countless awards for its quality, results and creativity.

Our network of creative professionals has been built over decades in the business. That means we can scale programs quickly, with a united team that knows how to work together and who shares common values.

Experience in Your Industry

Cloud Computing, AI, 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Non-volatile Memory, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Coherent Optics, Revenue Automation, Retail Analytics, Employee Benefits, Online Pharmacies, eFPGAs, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Technology……..No we aren’t keyword stuffing this page. After decades in the business, we have successfully positioned companies, people, products and technologies in nearly all major technology industries – and a few non-tech industries as well.

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M&A Communications:
The Tanis Ten

Communications is often overlooked and the last function to be brought into the fold when planning for a merger or acquisition. Yet how the story of the deal is told and accepted by all stakeholders can impact the ROI of the deal.

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Tanis Top Ten:
Product Launch eBook

We have prepared this e-book to help guide the important steps in developing differentiated messaging and launching your product. These are the Tanis 10 guidelines that we have developed, with COVID-19 trends in working with the media in mind.