Case Study: Crossbar

Leveraging the Power of Integrated Communications to Shake Up a Technology Market

The Opportunity

Crossbar, a start-up company pioneering a new memory technology, has game-changing innovation and a staggering market opportunity of more than $48 billion. Bringing a new memory technology to market requires visibility across a broad set of audiences; from press and analysts, to potential partners and future customers. And after years in stealth mode – its presence was close to zero, so Crossbar engaged Tanis Communications in late 2012 to raise visibility in the press, encourage traffic to the website and provide relevant and helpful content allowing them to engage with each of those critical audiences and drive their business forward. The challenge lay in creating a ‘wow factor’ to enable the company to gain a foothold across that broad spectrum of audiences – from the deepest technology press, potential partners and customers, to mainstream publications not typically interested in covering memory technology.

 “We knew that we would only have one chance to launch our company and it was very important to get it right. Working with Tanis, the launch exceeded our expectations in every way. From brand, messaging and identity, to the website, and massive outbound PR effort – Tanis managed it all. The outcome was more than we imagined and opened doors for us across the board. Tanis became an extension of our own team, and we consider them an important partner in our ongoing marketing efforts.”

George Minassian, Former CEO, Crossbar, Inc.

The Assignment

  • Conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis
  • Define and articulate a brand strategy that offers significant differentiation
  • Leverage the brand framework to craft specific audience messaging
  • Create an integrated communications action plan
  • Architect a market launch to bring Crossbar out of stealth-mode and position it as the best choice for next-generation memory technology
  • Create buzz and excitement around Crossbar’s competitive advantage
  • Elevate a deeply technical story to resonate with various non-technical audiences

The Deliverables

  • Brand strategy with well-defined market positioning and messaging – Developed and implemented consistent brand positioning and messaging to clearly articulate Crossbar’s vision and value proposition to a wide range of audiences.
  • Public Relations – Developed and executed a comprehensive public relations plan to spark the industry’s attention about the game-changing technology from Crossbar.
  • Speaker/Media Training – Worked closely with Crossbar spokespersons to ensure its message would be delivered in a clear, concise, understandable fashion, regardless of the technical knowledge of the audience. Implemented business presentation, media and speaker training; conducted intensive videotaped practice sessions and Q&A practice runs prior to launch.
  • Website – Developed all website content and created supporting homepage and content page graphics, reinforcing the visual telling of Crossbar’s story.
  • Creative Identity – Established and deployed a standard look and feel across all of the company’s materials to support the brand strategy, ensuring creative consistency.
  • Social Media – Established customized social media presence and profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Wikipedia.
  • Corporate Marketing Materials – Developed content and designed new corporate marketing materials, including fact sheet, presentations and technologyoverview video.

The Results

  • More than 100 million impressions, including the Wall Street Journal, TIME, Forbes, CNBC Squawk Box and top-tier technology publications
  • 33 top-tier press and analyst interviews conducted
  • 2,400 unique visitors to Crossbar’s website in the first day
  • Nearly 12,000 views of Crossbar technology video on YouTube
  • Generated significant global interest from potential partners and customers within the first week of launch
  • More than 100 unique staff-written articles
  • Social media within the first week of launch:
    • 123 followers on Twitter and 52 mentions by other companies
    • 187 followers on LinkedIn
    • 87 followers on Google+

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