Our Services

Tanis offers a complete suite of marketing services to connect you to the right audience.

Whether you are navigating an industry transition, entering new markets, generating leads to accelerate your sales revenue, launching a new product or increasing employee engagement, it will be the quality of the content you produce, and the placement of that content within the communities where your stakeholders engage, that will ensure you win.

And that’s how our services are designed – delivering very experienced, creative marketing and communications capabilities like an in-house organization, with the flexibility and leverage of an agency.

Tanis services call to action

We bring our clients the unique ability to apply budgets on what matters today, then shift priorities quickly, while benefitting from consistent senior leadership that manages your story and narrative to drive real business results.

A recent addition to the Inc. 5000 list, with a long list of awards, we are the hub of client internal and external marketing efforts with fully integrated communications programs that engage, inform, inspire and connect our clients with the constituents who matter most.

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