Messaging & Storytelling

Positioning and Messaging – What’s Your Brand’s Game Plan?

Strong positioning and messaging can help build a solid connection with your target audience(s) and marketplace perception can be the difference between success and failure for your business. Our unique approach involves analyzing your current marketplace perception versus your competitors’, customers’ and employees’ perceptions. We then determine the optimal corporate and product messaging hierarchy. By capturing your unique story, core values and product/service benefits, we simplify complicated messages. We then leverage clear, effective communications across appropriate distribution channels to impact your target audience(s) in exactly the way you desire.

We offer scalable, strategic, corporate communications plans. With our distinctive approach, we create a framework with programs tailored to your budget and aligned to support your business and marketing goals.

Recommended Strategies and Tactics

  • Public Relations And Social Media
  • Corporate Identity
  • Collateral Design And Development
  • Direct Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Technical Documentation
  • Thought Leadership
  • Trade Shows And Events
  • Video Production And Distribution
  • Website Content And Design

Typical Corporate Communications Plans Include:

  • INTERNAL AUDITS — SWOT Analysis (summarizing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • EXTERNAL AUDITS — Gauging company, market or product perceptions
  • RESULTING INSIGHTS — Recommendations for corporate & product messaging

Detailed Plan Development:

  • Goals And Objectives
  • Target Audience Identification

Messaging and Positioning:

  • Timelines And Budgets
  • Measurement

Case Studies


Communicating a Complex Business Story to Multiple Audiences


A Powerful Story Revealed

“Tanis Communications did much more than simply create new messaging for us; they really dug into our business to understand it at a very deep level, and brought out the essence of IntelePeer, making our story relevant to a diverse set of audiences.”
Charles Studt
Former Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, IntelePeer
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