Case Study: Intelepeer

A Powerful Story Revealed

The Opportunity

Silicon Valley is home to people with the vision and knowledge to deliver true innovation. One of those technology pioneers is IntelePeer®, a company that is transforming communications with on-demand, cloud-based communications services. Its marketing communications challenge is common in the world of high technology – keeping simple and consistent positioning while delivering a unique message to a diverse set of audiences as the company rapidly grows.

IntelePeer turned to Tanis Communications to help clearly articulate how its innovative “Communications-as-a-Service” offering is transforming the communications industry.

 “Tanis Communications did much more than simply create new messaging for us; they really dug into our business to understand it at a very deep level, and brought out the essence of IntelePeer, making our story relevant to a diverse set of audiences.”

Charles Studt, Vice President,Product Management & Marketing, IntelePeer

The Assignment

Tanis delved deeply into IntelePeer and its competitors to fully understand its unique business model and innovative, complex technologies. Armed with an extensive understanding of IntelePeer, the Tanis team:

  • Executed a structured process to define the central corporate brand position,including credible, relevant differentiation;
  • Tailored central, core ideas into simplified messaging for various IntelePeer target audiences;
  • Shifted focus from the complexities of the technology to the realized benefits.

The Deliverables

Simplified Messaging Deployed ThroughoutCompany Communications

Tanis created a simplified, benefits-oriented messaging framework capturing the revolutionary capabilities of the IntelePeer services. Tanis extended these messages across all of the company’s communications media:

  • Developed a message matrix and designed an integrated, strategic communications plan;
  • Conceptualized and delivered a new company tagline and brand hierarchy;
  • Refreshed and re-organized the website, including drafting of new content and developing an intriguing flash animation to tell the story simply and effectively;
  • Audited and updated company marketing materials such as data sheets, brochures and marketing flyers to reflect benefits-oriented messaging;
  • Created new graphical images and icon assets to illustrate and emphasize the benefits of the IntelePeer solution;
  • Developed executive-level presentations for several critical external and internal corporate communications.

The Results

Business Insight and Tactical Execution Bring a Revolutionary Story to Life

  • Credible, relevant and differentiated brand position
  • Simple, clearly articulated messages for all audiences
  • Benefits-oriented messaging reflected in all company communications

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