Case Study: Oclaro

Communicating a Complex Business Story to Multiple Audiences

The Opportunity

Already well regarded for its telecommunications solutions, Oclaro wanted to raise visibility for its Advanced Photonics Solution (APS) division – an important source of customer diversification and revenue. Following some facilities consolidation and a successful asset exchange with a major customer, Oclaro’s APS division was announcing the investment in a new design center in Tucson, Arizona. Tanis Communications implemented a comprehensive communications plan to favorably announce the new design center in an uncertain media environment by highlighting the company’s growth potential, engaging the local community and academia, and communicating its strategic importance to the company’s plans for long-term competitive advantage. 

 “Thanks to careful messaging and execution by Tanis Communications, the announcement of our new design center engaged key trade press, local press, academia and the community. It was an important strategic step for the company that required careful messaging and communications. Tanis was on the mark every step of the way.”

Yves LeMaitre, Former EVP Strategy and Corporate Development Oclaro, Inc.

The Assignment

  • Generate positive press coverage about Oclaro in the local community to aid recruiting, retention and competitive positioning
  • Educate press on the APS business and its growth potential for Oclaro
  • Demonstrate company’s commitment to the local community, speaking to both local engineering talent and local university engineering program
  • Overcome negative perceptions lingering from previous layoffs of predecessor entity

The Deliverables

Meticulous Messaging; Conscientious Communications

Success required careful messaging of a complex story — an opening of a design center resulting from a strategic exchange of assets, coinciding with the consolidation of a wafer fab facility with other facilities in Europe. The Tanis Communications team designed and implemented a communications program that simplified the complexities of the business transactions and focused on educating target audiences as to the significant business potential. As a result, media coverage explained the consolidation of manufacturing facilities, demonstrated the company’s commitment to the community, and reinforced Oclaro’s and Tucson’s local engineering talent known for its expertise in optics technology. The activities included:

Detailed PR Plan, including Strategy and Timeline

  • Drafted and finalized two press releases on Design Center and University of Arizona Scholarship awards
  • Q&A Document: Developed and edited; conducted training and preparation sessions with corporate spokespersons
  • Developed PowerPoint presentations for use in all press briefings
  • Secured briefings with key trade press
  • Secured front page coverage in region’s largest daily newspaper and local TV coverage

Plan and Execute Onsite Event

  • Confirmed location, timing, agenda, tours and photo opportunities
  • Invited and secured attendance by press, academia and key community influencers

Oclaro-sponsored scholarship for engineering students at University of Arizona

  • Worked with Oclaro to determine level of scholarship and selection criteria
  • Confirmed attendance and award acceptance by University leadership and scholarship winners
  • Arranged for Chamber of Commerce president and CEO to attend and speak at event

The Results

Focus on the Big Picture Hits the Targets

  • Compelling messaging explains complex financial story showing importance of new design center and its benefit to local community, academia and worldwide business
  • Media coverage secured: front page of business section in largest Tucson daily newspaper; live interview/report with Oclaro executive on leading regional TV station, several trade press, all highlighting details of Oclaro’s APS business and growth potential. Story also generated CEO Viewpoint article in leading trade publication.
  • Local employees, academia and business leaders participate in event, show long term support
  • Tanis Communications continues integral role in full range of communications for Oclaro

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