Brand Strategy

Planned. Integrated. Executed.

We can help you clarify your brand strategy and identity to build a powerful image and gain competitive advantage. With our holistic brand strategy approach and proven methods, we ensure that every aspect of your brand is managed proactively. Every touch point is considered when crafting and managing your brand — products, people, customer service, infrastructure and corporate culture have as much to do with brand perception as advertising and public relations programs. Our integrated approach considers all of these factors, and much more, to ensure that you stand out in the crowd.

Our Approach to Brand Strategy

We dive deeply into your business to fully understand your business model, market trends, competitors and target audiences. Armed with an extensive understanding of your business landscape, we execute a structured process to define a strong corporate brand strategy and position, including credible, relevant differentiation that is simple and memorable. From there, we tailor central, core ideas into simplified messaging for various target audiences you want to engage and nurture a long-term relationship with.

Specific Services for Brand Strategy Development Include:

  • Vision, Values, Positioning Strategies
  • Brand Management Programs
    • Unique programs to manage every brand touch point including development of third-party co-branding programs.
  • Brand System Evaluations
    • Our systematic approach will help you clarify brand hierarchy, eliminate branded house vs. house of brands issues, assist with product naming conventions and help ensure that trademarked services and products are organized for maximum leverage and efficiency.

Typical Corporate Communications Plans Include:

  • INTERNAL AUDITS — SWOT Analysis (summarizing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • EXTERNAL AUDITS — Gauging company, market or product perceptions
  • RESULTING INSIGHTS — Recommendations for corporate & product messaging

Detailed Plan Development:

  • Goals And Objectives
  • Target Audience Identification

Messaging and Positioning:

  • Timelines And Budgets
  • Measurement

Case Studies

UltraSense Systems

Increasing Awareness with Mobile OEMs and Automotive Suppliers

Silex Microsystems

Understanding Today’s Media Perceptions to Plan for Tomorrow

“We have worked with Tanis since 2012 and they have been a true partner in driving our business results. They are an extension of our internal team and successfully captured our evolution and rebrand through a new logo, refreshed graphics, a redesigned website and messaging. Our new branding has been embraced by the entire Crossbar community.”
Sylvain Dubois
Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Crossbar
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