Case Study: UltraSense

Increasing Awareness with Mobile OEMs and Automotive Suppliers

The Opportunity

UltraSense Systems is changing the touch user experience with the world’s first ultrasound sensor that brings any surface to life in smartphones, home appliances, cars, IoT and medical devices. UltraSense engaged Tanis Communications in 2019 to increase awareness with mobile OEMs and automotive suppliers as they were coming out of stealth mode and ready to launch a new product and round of funding.

“Tanis brought UltraSense out of stealth mode with a bang and the results exceeded our expectations and increased customer demand. Tanis successfully positioned us above the noise at CES with strategic messaging and resulting media coverage that resonated with our key audiences and customer prospects.”

Daniel Goehl, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, UltraSense

The Assignment

  • Develop compelling narrative highlighting how 3D sensor technology is changing the touch user experience in a wide range of devices.
  • Develop pitch and generate interest and excitement from press and analysts about product launch.
  • Develop social media strategy, create content and manage social media channels.
  • Media train executives to deliver a story that would resonate with audiences.
  • Leverage attendance at CES to promote TouchPoint ultrasound sensor technology.

The Deliverables

Early in the year, Tanis produced an animated video introducing UltraSense’s unique breakthrough 3D ultrasound touch technology that enables multi-functional touch interface through virtually any material and material thickness including metal, glass, wood, ceramic and plastic. When UltraSense was ready to launch its new product, Tanis developed the press materials and media strategy to launch the company, new product and funding, including the promotion of its family of TouchPoint ultrasound sensors, which were already sampling and expected to be incorporated in several consumer devices in 2020. The goal of this campaign was to get the word out about UltraSense and its unprecedented touch technology in advance of CES 2020. Following the successful PR results, Tanis is working with UltraSense to produce videos, make ongoing web site enhancements and conduct media relations for specific announcements.

The Results

  • Secured 25 briefings with press and analysts ahead of launch and in-person at CES from targeted publications and research firms.
  • Secured 46 unique articles in top tier business publications including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, VentureBeat, CBS and CNET and trade publications including Popular Mechanics, All About Circuits, Android Authority, EE Times, Gadgets 360, New Electronics, Fierce Electronics and more, reaching a total audience of over 195 million.
  • Secured CES on-stage interview with UltraSense executive and CNET. The interview broadcasted live and was viewed online by over 60,000 people, providing an incredible opportunity for UltraSense to give a live product demonstration to a massive audience.
  • Campaign resulted in strong awareness and new customer inquiries for the client.

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