Semiconductors & MEMs

Semiconductors and MEMS

We have decades of experience working with providers of leading-edge chip and MEMS technologies that are transforming industries.

We like to go deep and understand the most technical advancements that are changing the way the world operates – from non-volatile memory and embedded FPGAs to MEMS that are bringing new user experiences in automotive, mobile, medical, industrial, data centers and much more. We partner with clients to create compelling narratives on technology differentiators and user experiences and help our clients reach new influencers and generate new revenue.


Our clients’ products are marketed toward a wide range of applications including artificial intelligence, data centers, mobile, medical, industrial, IoT, networking and more. We study and follow trends in these applications and partner with our clients to develop compelling narratives to explain why our clients’ products and technologies are important and transforming these applications, and work with press and industry influencers to place stories about our clients in the vertical media.

Case Studies

UltraSense Systems

Increasing Awareness with Mobile OEMs and Automotive Suppliers

Flex Logix

Spreading the Word About Technology Changing the Chip Design Industry

“We knew that we would only have one chance to launch our company, it was very important to get it right. Working with Tanis, the launch exceeded our expectations in every way. From brand, messaging and identity, to the website, and massive outbound PR effort – Tanis managed it all. The outcome was more than we imagined and opened doors for us across the board. Tanis became an extension of our own team, and we consider them an important partner in our ongoing marketing efforts.”
George Minassian
CEO, Crossbar, Inc.
“mCube had an exciting story to tell and we needed a marketing and PR partner who could create and amplify a differentiated message, to generate major buzz with U.S. customers, press and analysts, and ensure our story creatively came to life across all of our marketing channels. Thanks to Tanis, mCube is now recognized for its substantial innovation in motion sensors and vision for the future of this market. The outcome exceeded our highest expectations.”
Ben Lee
CEO, mCube

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