Case Study: Flex Logix

Spreading the Word About Technology Changing the Chip Design Industry

The Opportunity

Flex Logix is a provider for reconfigurable RTL in chip and system designs using embedded FPGA IP cores and software. Its technology platform delivers significant customer benefits by dramatically reducing design and manufacturing risks, accelerating technology roadmaps, and bringing greater flexibility to customers’ hardware.

 “Until now, reconfigurability didn’t exist, and a change in protocol could easily require a data center operator to replace every chip in the facility. With the emergence of embedded FPGA (eFPGA) technology, these issues are going away. This technology not only allows reconfigurability of chips after they’ve been installed in a data center, but it can also accelerate processor performance by 40–100x.”

The Data Center Journal

 “Flex Logix has come up with a way to enable the integration of any kind and amount of RAM between tiles of eFPGA arrays using silicon proven building blocks.”

Electronics Weekly

The Assignment

  • Engage with editors in trade and data center publications to understand their coverage needs and where they want their coverage to focus in the future.
  • Create compelling abstracts and story ideas highlighting embedded FPGA that match editor’s goals.
  • Pitch interviews with the Flex Logix CEO during press announcements for executive profiles or for industry/product updates in general.
  • Identify a target list and proactively pitch electronics, data center and business press and industry analysts along with a list of publications that accept contributed articles.
  • Staff interviews and work closely with editors to help them write stories highlighted Flex Logix, its CEO and/or its technology.
  • Write first drafts of contributed articles or edit the first draft from the client to ensure it matches the editor’s guidelines and readers’ interest and submit the final articles to the publication with relevant images.
  • Monitor and identify key industry trends that Flex Logix could leverage such as machine learning, AI, acceleration, IoT and longer battery life.

The Deliverables

The objective was to create an ongoing PR campaign focused around media relations, analyst relations and contributed articles to build awareness for Flex Logix and its new technology called embedded FPGA that has the potential to change the chip design industry. The goal was to expand outreach beyond the traditional electronics press to also include data center publications and business publications that typically don’t cover this type of technology, but need to understand its impact on their market.

The Results

  • Placed 15 contributed articles for Flex Logix between April 2017 and April 2018, including articles in 4 of the top 5 target data center publications.
  • Secured 82 unique articles in 31 industry publications over a 12-month period, including the top business publication The Information.
  • As a result of this effort, if you search for the term “embedded FPGA” on Yahoo today, nearly 50 percent of the links in the first two pages are Flex Logix content or articles written about them.

“Flex Logix, founded in 2014, provides licensable field-programmable gate array (FPGA) fabric and has produced fabric cores for multiple manufacturing processes including TSMC’s 40, 28 and 16nm processes. ‘We are part of the TSMC IP Alliance to help provide access but we have also conducted a port of our technology for Sandia National Laboratory to a 180nm CMOS platform for radiation hard applications,’ said Tate.”

eeNews Europe

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