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Artificial Intelligence

We know artificial intelligence will disrupt industries- potentially our own some day.

We stay ahead of the trends and help our clients adapt to technology changes that will deliver innovation. Whether it is robots or machines replacing humans or having real-time access to data in order to analyze, inform and act on better decision-making, AI will change the future for many industries.

We have created new narratives, developed keynote presentations, redesigned a web site and pursued media relations for AI-related topics for clients.

AI is impacting almost all industries such as automotive, entertainment, industrial, medical, retail and more with new user experiences and applications.

“We have worked with Tanis since 2012 and they have been a true partner in driving our business results. They are an extension of our internal team and successfully captured our evolution and rebrand through a new logo, refreshed graphics, a redesigned website and messaging. Our new branding has been embraced by the entire Crossbar community.”

– Sylvain Dubois, Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Crossbar, Inc.

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