Case Study: Crossbar

Leveraging the Power of Integrated Communications to Shake Up a Technology Market

The Opportunity

Crossbar was founded in 2010 to commercialize a radically different approach to non-volatile memory called ReRAM. A unique memory technology that can be integrated inside a system-on-chip on standard logic CMOS manufacturing lines, or produced as a standalone memory chip, Crossbar ReRAM is playing an important role in enabling a new world of electronics innovation. Crossbar initially engaged Tanis Communications in late 2012 to raise visibility in the press, encourage traffic to their website, and provide relevant and helpful content allowing them to engage with their critical audiences and drive their business forward.

The company’s early messaging was designed to educate its many stakeholders about their technology – what it does, how it was different, and what great potential it would have.

In early 2017, as Crossbar entered its commercialization phase, the company asked for assistance from Tanis to transition their brand and messaging from a start-up focus to an industry leadership position. The time had come to establish credibility that ReRAM is here, is available, and it delivers on the incredible promise of the past several years.

“We have worked with Tanis since 2012 and they have been a true partner in driving our business results. They are an extension of our internal team and successfully captured our evolution and rebrand through a new logo, refreshed graphics, a redesigned website and messaging. Our new branding has been embraced by the entire Crossbar community.”

Sylvain DuBois, Former Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Crossbar

The Assignment

  • Give Crossbar a new brand identity; define and articulate the evolution of Crossbar’s story beyond the technical speeds and feeds. Communicate how with ReRAM, designers can be free of the traditional system level constraints that previous technologies created.
  • Ensure the narrative was fresh and current while also future-looking, taking into account the trends across applications such as artificial intelligence, automotive, consumer electronics, mobile, data centers, industrial, IoT and medical.
  • Design a new logo
  • Create a new tagline
  • Design a new website

The Deliverables

  • New brand identity – Shifted the story to demonstrate how the impressive technical specs the company has been evangelizing will enable a very different future – for humanity, for customers, for system designers and for innovation in general.
  • New logo – The old logo had a wafer right in the middle – which Crossbar felt was too limiting, focused on semiconductor chips alone and not on the systemlevel profound benefits of their technology. The new logo reflects the coming together of two “bars,” a simple metaphor for the Crossbar technology.
  • New tagline – “ReThink with ReRAM.” Tie the product category name (ReRAM), to the concept of “ReThink” to communicate how Crossbar technology allows companies and people to do things dramatically differently.
  • New website – Redesigned Crossbar’s website with new content to communicate the compelling vision the company has for the future of computing.
  • New presentation template – Redesigned PowerPoint template and created first presentation for CEO presentation at an industry conference

The Results

The deliverables were successfully launched in June 2017. To the right are some highlights of the finished products of the re-brand.

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