According to stats from market watcher comScore, more than 105 million Americans were daily viewers of online video content in 2011, representing a 43% jump from the prior year.  The average viewer watches 239 videos a month – and he or she is more willing than ever to engage with longer clips.

This trend opens up intriguing opportunities for your business marketing efforts. While well-worded text can convey concepts, visual storytelling offers a more compelling and personalized approach to connecting with your audiences.

Effective storytelling in any form starts with the crafting of an interesting message.  That message must then be communicated to the appropriate audience. Marketers have many delivery channels to consider, and with its growing use, online video can present an attractive option.

Case in point: Consider my firm, Tanis Communications.  You can find a capsule summary of our business and the value we deliver in the boilerplate of our press releases.  But you can also find out about us through this “business fable” animated video:

PR Boilerplate

About Tanis Communications

Based in San Jose, Calif., Tanis Communications is a Silicon Valley high-technology integrated communications firm. Established in 1997, the firm offers brand strategy, messaging and positioning, public relations, employee communications, marketing communications, financial communications, executive communications, social multimedia and strategic marketing services, focused on the semiconductor, networking, storage, software, Internet, telecommunications and embedded technology markets. For more information, visit



While the boilerplate was certainly informational, it’s limited in its ability to provide a deeper emotional connection. The animation not only conveys information, but it does so in a much more personalized and engaging way.  You leave the video with a better sense of the people behind Tanis and what we can do for you. The images you saw and the messages you heard certainly will stick with you longer than the boilerplate content.

Visual storytelling comes in various formats and styles, and you can check out different approaches on our video page.  These examples show videos and animations tailored for different audiences and delivery environments.

As you look at the messages your business wants to convey, imagine how video could create a more lasting impression for your target customers.  Give us a call or drop us an email, and we’d be happy to help you add visual storytelling to your marketing arsenal.