This month I had the chance to go to San Francisco for a long weekend for a little R&R. We took the opportunity to visit Alamo Square Park, which is the home of the “Seven Sisters” – also known as the “Painted Ladies”. The “Seven Sisters” was made famous in the opening credits of the 1980-90s TV show “Full House” and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in SF.

Being an avid photographer, I took many photographs, including the perfunctory “Alamo Square Park Tourist Photo” (see above). It is one of the most beautiful and most photographed spots in SF. When I placed the photo on Facebook, my friends and family confirmed it as such. However, in reality, where is the uniqueness in the photograph? The interest? The story?

Understanding The Value and Communicating It

Why bring this up here? Because strategic messaging is the same. One can create wonderful messages and deliver them perfectly; however, to be great, they also need to communicate the uniqueness of the solution. They must provide a compelling reason for the prospect or customer to act. Great messages are rooted in understanding the value of the product and how it solves customer problems and then communicating it through effective stories.

So indeed, the above photo is a good one, but it isn’t a great one. What about your strategic messaging?