With shelter-in-place, working remotely and cancelled events the new norm, how do you amplify your event content and reach your audiences? While many events are going virtual, it is still unknown whether people will still show up to a virtual event to watch a presentation online or see a virtual booth during the designated time of the event.

The good news is that online usage on social media networks is up¹. While digital marketing should always be a part of your integrated marketing programs, now more than ever, it is important to develop relevant content and evaluate your marketing arsenal.

Here are our tips to make sure your content reaches the audiences you want to engage with:

1. Turn technical content (white papers, technical presentations) intro contributed article(s) to place in industry publications
2. Create an online press event or phone or video briefings to brief reporters on important news and trends – do this before or after the virtual event
3. Repurpose presentation content into a webinar to share outside the event through a LinkedIn campaign or content syndication platform like Netline where you target specific companies with your content and can measure results with leads and overall brand impressions
4. Create a landing page on your web site with short videos of your event content: news, demos, executive Q&As
5. Run a Google ads campaign to direct people to the landing page
6. Elevate your internal social media ambassador program and engage your own employees in marketing your brand and content. Even employees not in marketing can help amplify your brand and feel a sense of pride in helping your company stand out
7. Develop a DIY video tour of your culture and people and why they are proud of working for your company and what they are working on, and then share on your social media channels
8. Use email marketing in a thoughtful, targeted way. Since COVID-19, I have received more spam than ever; make sure your email marketing approach will not backfire and turn audiences away.

Until events return and people are comfortable networking in groups again, what marketing lessons have you learned? Feel free to reach out to me at michele.landry@taniscomm.com to discuss and for advice on your digital marketing and PR programs.

By Michele Landry, President