After almost 25 years working on the client side, I decided to join an agency. It is not an unfamiliar one since Tanis Communications has been doing my marketing communications for many years at multiple companies. Nevertheless, my friends and colleagues have been asking me, “Why?”

In addition to all the stock answers…satisfying a variety of clients, solving new marketing challenges, gaining exposure to new industries, etc., there is one that stands out. I truly believe that there is a new emerging model for market communications consulting firms like ours. It is no longer enough to understand just the targeting and delivery of the message, but rather one needs also to play a valuable role in the strategy and creation of the message and its content.

The rise of social media and rich forms of communication, like digital online video, means that the story has become the best way to communicate with your stakeholders be it customers, investors or employees. And the entrepreneur in me is very excited about the task of expanding these capabilities at Tanis.

Let the fun begin!