When Alexander Graham Bell and his pal Watson achieved their breakthrough in voice communications 136 years ago, who could have imagined the role the humble telephone would one day play? Twelve years after Mr. Bell did his thing, only about 150,000 Americans had phones. Today, the phone, in mobile form, is an essential part of our everyday lives. According to the International Telecommunication Union, there are now some 5.9 billion cellular subscriptions worldwide.

To support this swarm of yakking, texting, tweeting humanity, we rely on a telecommunications infrastructure that is in need of a breakthrough of its own. Change is hitting the world of telco from all angles. Legacy PSTN networks are migrating to IP-based solutions. Customers want on-the-go access to collaboration tools, apps and multimedia content. New form factors and smart communication devices of all types are flooding the market. All this change has resulted in a patchwork of technology approaches that don’t always play nice with each other.

And that’s where our client, IntelePeer, comes in

In a nutshell, the San Mateo, Calif., firm has taken the pain and complexity out of the process by using the cloud. Its platform, used by service providers and enterprises, connects across this morass of technologies to deliver high-quality voice, video, SMS and other communications services. In its own way, IntelePeer’s cost-savvy and elegant approach is as much of an industry “Aha!” moment as the advent of the first phone. The business data back this up: IntelePeer has achieved 50% annual compound growth over the last four years.

It’s increased the traffic volume over its network from 4 billion minutes in 2008 to more than 23 billion in 2011. Underlying this success story are patented technology and a host of technical details – peering grid, SIP trunking, DIDs, intelligent routing software — that surely would have boggled Mr. Bell. In fact, as it took its story to market, IntelePeer found that conveying the true impact to its own prospects was a bit daunting.

Bringing the story to life

IntelePeer asked our Tanis team to help refine its approach so that the benefits of its innovation would be immediately apparent and compelling. We started by identifying a relevant and differentiated brand position. From this, we created messaging tailored to each key audience segment. Then, we ensured that the benefits-oriented messaging was reflected in all the company’s communications channels. The framework and approach we used with IntelePeer are captured in a new case study on our website. It includes a quote from our client, who nicely captures the impact of our work, “Tanis brought IntelePeer’s revolutionary story to life.”

While we weren’t around to support Mr. Bell in telling his story, it’s certainly gratifying to help IntelePeer share its “Aha!” moment with the world.