Case Study: mCube

Raising the Profile of a MEMS Company Against Large, Entrenched Rivals

The Opportunity

mCube had been quietly growing its market share in a small segment of theMEMS (microelectromechanical systems) market – having already shipped 70 million units into China’s low-end handset market. But their products had applicability for nearly every type of mobile and wearable electronic device – from fitness gadgets to tablets. So they needed to “re-launch” the company and its products into the US market with a big bang to capture this massive opportunity.

The first step in their re-launch was to create an impactful brand strategy that would drive messaging for all external communications. After conducting a thorough messaging audit of mCube’s main competitors and gathering insights from key stakeholders, Tanis articulated a strong brand position for mCube that is simple and memorable. Tanis created a catch phrase for mCube’s vision that was widely used in press coverage and formed the basis for digital marketing platforms – “Enabling the Internet of Moving Things.” Tanis then crafted a set of messages for each target audience, which spanned from highly technical customers and strategic partnersto mainstream media. Tanis also helped to simplify mCube’s highly technical message by positioning mCube’s sensors as the smallest in the world – smaller than a grain of sand. This very simple comparison made it easy for a broad range of audiences to quickly grasp the significance of mCube’s innovation.

To ensure a consistent ‘heartbeat’ of communication activities, Tanis created a comprehensive 12-month marketing communications, PR, social media andevents action plan.

“mCube had an exciting story to tell and we needed a marketing and PR partner who could create and amplify a differentiated message, to generate major buzz with U.S. customers, press and analysts, and ensure our story creatively came to life across all of our marketing channels. Thanks to Tanis, mCube is now recognized for its substantial innovation in motion sensors and vision for the future of this market. The outcome exceeded our highest expectations.”

– Ben Lee, mCube CEO

The Assignment

  • Complete competitive messaging and marketing audit
  • Define and articulate compelling brand strategy
  • Develop audience-specific messaging
  • Create an integrated marketing and communications action plan
  • Architect and execute a company re-launch
  • Design and develop a new website, collaterals and social channel profiles

The Deliverables

  • Compelling messaging and positioning – Developed brand positioning and messaging to expand mCube’s market opportunity and generate excitement for its solutions.
  • Public Relations – Planned and executed a major company re-launch including media and influencer relations, news announcements, social media, contributed content, speaking opportunities and awards.
  • Website Redesign – Developed a new website to communicate newly refined messaging and creatively bring the mCube story to life.
  • Collateral Pieces – Designed branded templates and designed, wrote and produced collateral to support up-leveled messaging. Deliverables included company fact sheet, product briefs, technology and market/vision white papers.

The Results

  • Widespread press coverage: Wall Street Journal, Fortune and VentureBeat, as well as top-tier industry publications such as EDN, EETimes and Gigaom. The term “Internet of Moving Things” was used consistently by the press, amplifying mCube’s brand position.
  • 629 social media mentions, 180 Tweets about mCube including @TechCrunch with more than 3.6 million followers; and 543 new followers on LinkedIn during the first week.
  • 2,088 press release views worldwide.
  • 18 top-tier press and analyst interviews arranged and conducted; 48 staff-written articles, including a cover story in EE Web, generating more than 25 million impressions.
  • Three contributed articles by mCube executives placed in EDN, Extension Media Sensors and MEMS Quarterly Report, and Extension Media Medical Journal.
  • Accolades: Named to EE Times Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch; MEMS Executive Congress: MEMS Start-up of the Year; Technology Demo Showcase Winner; Best MEMS Sensor Device of the Year – Runner up; EE Times 15-in-15: Analog, MEMS and Sensors to Watch in 2015.

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